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CIMB Service, ATM Card Retainment and Ramadhan

August 5, 2010

In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful

i expressed my unhappiness over cimb’s service on twitter this afternoon and they got back to me in 2 hours. not bad right? but, i am still not happy.

nak dijadikan cerita, my atm card was retained this morning while making a transaction at the atm machine. Apparently you need to retrieve the atm card as soon as it is ejected from the card slot. I didn’t know that! Besides, they put a notice paper right in front of the atm machine and unfortunately, I got distracted. I guess there was 5 to 10 seconds delay after the card was ejected and obviously i failed to take it out on time. I met the bank officer to ask for further details. Somehow, I was not surprised when he told me that i would need to go to the office branch where i registered my account. So much for having an i-suspect-millions-of-ringgit-worth application system that is supposed to link all branches together!

anyway, i then drove to the main branch in town (took me 20mins and had to pay for parking ticket) and met the officer there. I was then informed by that mr officer that I have to wait until monday to reclaim my card! *mari bersabar*

He kindly proposed that i create a new card. ok, this is good right? actually, NO. i have to pay for it! RM12! and I will also need to reset my cimbclicks setting (pincode and all). *ok, mari bersabar lagi*

I finally said no. Why do i need to pay rm12 for a new card and go through all the hassles all over again? I did that few weeks ago when i created the account.

I asked them again when can i get my card and he suddenly changed the answer by saying “i can’t really say when but we will call you once it’s here.” grrr. *bersabar lagi saya dan berharap muka saya tidak menunjukkan yang saya sudah agak rimas dan marah*

Not fully satisfied, I continued asking him “so, how am i supposed to withdraw money in the next few days?” he asked me “do you have book for the account?”. I said “No.” He then gave me this well-you-should’ve-applied(read: pay)-for-the-book” look and said “nothing can be done at the moment. kene la tunggu sampai next week dik.” say what?? *tarik nafas dalam-dalam*

all ready to surrender and walk away, i then asked my final question. is it possible for them to mail it to my house so that i don’t have to drive all the way to the town just to claim it. there was a tiny little hope inside me that he would say ‘yes’. but of course NOT. “i’m sorry but we don’t do that. you have to come here and claim it yourself.” OMG. *i consoled myself by saying that it is for security purpose*. I said thanks, stood up and walked away.

alright guys. there you have it. to sum up:

1) My card was retained after I failed to retrieve it in few seconds!

2) I had to drive to the main branch to talk to the officer!

3) I will have to wait for 4 days to claim my card!

4) If I want to create a new atm card, i will need to pay for it and reset all pincodes!

5) I will have to drive back to the main branch again in the next 4 days to claim it.

I really hope they won’t delay to call me until ramadhan. I really don’t want to depreciate my pahala for getting mad at them again. hmm.

Lesson of the story:

1) Give 100% focus when making a transaction at cimb’s atm machine.

wow, never thought that I would need to work hard at cimb bank from now on. ok, MUST. give. 100%. focus. at. the. atm. machine. from. now. on. MUST. not. get. distracted. OK.

ps: wow, i can make a novel out of this note. on happier news, I am enjoying my macbook right now! hehe.

postscript 2: ramadhan in few days. are you ready?


UPDATE, Aug 18 – CIMB did not give me any call. I waited for almost two weeks and finally decided to take the hint and went to the CIMB office branch myself. The ATM card was turned out to be ready couple of days earlier. Their customer service? I will let you to be the judge. 😉

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