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Trouble starting up Apache on Xampp

January 1, 2010

In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful

I was working on my website project when I faced a problem starting up Apache on Xampp. I tried several stuffs (restart, uninstall and reinstall xampp etc) hoping that the Apache would start running but to no avail.

Alas, I bumped into a perfect (and super easy) solution in one of the online forums.

Apparently, the apache will not start if one of the necessary ports is being used by one of the many software in your laptop. So what you will need to do is to do port check and free any of the used ports.

Now, how to do the port check you ask? First, you will need to open your xampp control panel. Click on the ‘Port Check’ button. From there you need to make sure you got a similar display as this:

HTTP Port 80 Status Free
WebDAV Port 81 Status free
HTTPS Port 443 Status free

MySQL Port 3306 Status shows pathname to MySQL executable

FTP Port 21 Status shows pathname to Filezilla server executable
Admin Port 14147 Status shows pathname to Filezilla server executable

SMTP Port 25 Status free
POP3 Port 110 Status free
IMAP Port 143 Status free

If you could not find the ‘Port Check’ button, you may open your Xampp folder and run the ‘xampp-portcheck.exe’ file. That should do it.

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