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Deferred Gratification

May 17, 2009
In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious the Most Merciful.

Deferred gratification is the ability of oneself to wait for quite some time for something better. Mr Ashraf, the other day, said that one of the many secrets to success lies on our ability to do just that; to defer instant gratification for a better and long term gratification. Daniel Goleman, a world renowned psychologist, also said that deferred gratification is one of the important components of emotional intelligence.

Mr. Ashraf continued by saying that most of the fresh graduates nowadays are more into buying cars right after graduation. This is due to the instant gratification of being behind the beautiful wheel. Not many will hold on to that first salary and start thinking for long-term. He said the very best investment for fresh graduates is to start to save money and buy a house. When it comes to buying cars right after graduation, I can totally relate. But I have also learned that today is the best time to set some money aside for a house. Everybody knows that buying a house is a good investment. A RM150,000 house today can reach up to RM500,000 in the next few years, if the house is located in a strategic and fast-growing place.

I think this idea of restraining yourself from today’s happiness for a better, tomorrow’s happiness is very interesting and inspiring. It is absolutely powering in way that it makes me realize that in life, you are not only having the 100% freedom of making decision but you may also choose the result of your decision. Two decisions with two different results; one gives a so-so result and it gives the result today, and another will be much more valuable but it just requires a little bit of patient as the result can only be seen in few weeks or even, in few years. Which one will you choose? Are you able to defer that one-hit-wonder gratification for a better, more satisfying gratification?

I made a decision today: I will learn to defer that instant gratification. That instant gratification wont do it for me, anyway. The better, ultimate gratification is what I am seeking for. How about you?

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