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Let’s Stay Fit and Healthy

May 6, 2009
In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

I am not sure if it’s because of the hot weather of Malaysia or my own state of awareness that I am starting to look after my health again. Just a quick note on how to stay fit and healthy, my version that is.

1) As cliche as this might sound, you need to make sure that you take your eight glasses of water every day. By water, i mean the plain, white water. Yes, not the one with colors. For practical tips, have a dozen of 250ml mineral water at home and grab one before you go out from your house. For me, I always have at least one 1.5-litre mineral water bottle in my car. Now that you have your water with you, you have no reason at all to go to the store and buy those 17g-sugar-packed soda whenever you feel thirsty.

2) I know Malaysians love rice. I love rice too. Let’s try new thing, shall we? Instead of having two scoops of rice, two spoonful of chicken curry and one piece of fried chicken, let’s try one scoop of rice, one spoonful of chicken curry, drop the fried chicken and add two spoonful of veggie. When it comes to cooking, try not to deep fry. Be heavy on steaming or baking. Leave enough space in your stomach for water and air.

3) Walk, walk, walk. As simple as this may sound, try to find a reason to walk. Once in a while, walk fast. You may use your weekend to either jog in the park or clean up your house. As long as you sweat while doing it, I think that’s good enough. My daily routine while going to the office is to take the elevator from the ground floor and stop at the fifth floor. I will then climb the stairs until the twelfth floor. You can do the same. So instead of taking the CDTA bus to the campus, try to walk. Come on, it’s spring now! Might as well enjoy the weather while walking.

4) Instead of buying Pringles or Chickidees or Chipsmore, try Cashew Nuts, Peanuts or Almonds. Better yet, grab the oranges or apples or grapes from the Fruit Section. These snacks are not only healthy, but they are also tasty. And you don’t need to go as extreme as eating the seaweed. Pick anything that is suitable for your taste but make sure it’s healthy and trans-fat sugar free.

5) When it comes to drinking, try these: avoid drinking right after eating. Drink warm water instead of ice water. Drink tea instead of coffee. Put honey instead of sugar in your drink.

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